L'Arche Sudbury set to 'rock out' for a good cause

Supporters of L'Arche Sudbury are warming up the rocking chairs to take part in what will likely be one of its biggest fundraisers of the year.

Members of L'Arche Sudbury will gather next weekend along Barrydowne Road, in front of Amici grocer, rocking to raise money for the organization.

L'Arche is a community in the city where people with and without disabilities share their daily lives.

They'll be rocking away in rocking chairs in honour of a core member named Roma Griffin, who they lost earlier this year.

"So a core member is a person with an intellectual disability, so L'Arche Sudbury works with people with intellectual disabilities," said L'Arche's development officer Joshua Murdock.

"The focus of L'Arche Sudbury is not so much that 'hey I'm here and my job is to do this for this person,' it's actually 'I'm here to help and assist them if they give me permission."

They plan to have all 10 chairs rocking at the same time for four hours, in honour of L'Arche's 40th anniversary.

More information about the event can be found here