Large grocery order delivered to wrong London, Ont. doorstep

A London resident says he came home to a pile of bagged groceries sitting on his front doorstep, the problem is, he didn’t order any.

Technology analyst Carmi Levy said around a dozen bags of groceries from Walmart Canada, wound up outside his house on Tuesday afternoon.

“There was an entire Walmart grocery order sitting in front of our door, blocking our door in fact, which was surprising because we hadn’t ordered anything from Walmart at all.”

Among the grocery items was frozen foods and ice cream.

Levy contacted the local Walmart store and Walmart Canada to alert them of their error - he also sent out a tweet.

Thanks, ⁦@WalmartCanada⁩ , for dropping someone else’s groceries at my house, blocking my front door, then giving me the runaround when I called the store to get this corrected. Honest question: do you consider this acceptable customer service? Kindly fix this ASAP. #ldnont

— Carmi Levy (@carmilevy) June 1, 2021

Walmart Canada did respond to the tweet asking Levy to send them more information.

Hello! We're sorry for your experience. Please send us a direct message with your full name, the order number and the complete name and billing address on the order (including street, city, province and postal code) so we may assist you further.

— Walmart Canada (@WalmartCanada) June 1, 2021

Levy says after two hours of back and forth on the phone and through email, he took it upon himself to try and find out who the order was originally attended for.

"As it turns out it was a neighbour who had ordered it, but in the middle of a pandemic we aren’t exactly going to start shipping groceries down the street on behalf of Walmart Canada…we just wanted to make sure they got to their rightful owner.”

Levy says Walmart’s contract delivery company eventually came and picked up the order and sent a fresh delivery to the neighbours down the street.

Jonathan Rumley, a spokesperson for Walmart Canada, responded to a CTV News London request for comment.

"We’re aware of the issue and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. After being notified, the customer’s order was re-picked at the store and delivered to the right address this afternoon. The order delivered to the wrong address was returned to the store."

But the situation had CTV News London staff wondering how other Londoners would react to a potential free meal.

"I would check to see what groceries there were, if there was frozen foods, if they expire or not. Maybe pass them around to my neighbours but I would probably keep some of them,” says Londoner Fabian.

Delivery driver Jai says when orders do get mixed up it is usually at big apartment buildings.

"Because sometimes I have 15, 16 packages in one building, sometimes I mess up but it only happened one time.”

Jai says if a package is delivered to the wrong address, his company will retrieve the item and deliver it to the proper owner.