Screenshot of a video of a fire that occurred in the 1600 block of 15th Street West in Prince Albert on Oct. 3, 2020 (Source: Nik-Van/Twitter)

The Prince Albert Fire Department responded to a large fire in the 1600 block of 15th Street West just after 5 a.m. Saturday. 

P.A. Fire said that three fire apparatuses were initially dispatched to the call and it was brought under control in less than an hour.

CTV News spoke with one woman who lives nearby and saw the aftermath of the incident.

"From what I saw it was really bad. It’s got a really big hole in the house. It was ongoing for a long time — they were trying to put it out and it was pretty hard for them," Eunice Woods said. 

Woods said she walked by shortly after 5 a.m. while the house was still on fire. She said she spoke with several people nearby and heard the fire may have started from a nearby vehicle.

"The truck exploded, so that caught the house on fire. It was bad," Woods said.

The fire department could not confirm if that was the case but did say that a vehicle was involved in the fire.

CTV News spoke to another woman who took a video of the incident and posted it to social media.

She said she was woken up by a loud bang and went to investigate when fire trucks began arriving.

House explosion on 15th Street West @princealbertnow @nigelmaxwell

— Nik-Van (@littlenikki15) October 3, 2020

P.A. Fire said they are currently investigating and can’t confirm if it was intentionally set as of now.

No damage estimate is available and no one was injured in the fire, P.A. Fire said.