'Law and Odour': Ontario police officer rescues skunk with cup stuck on its head

A Toronto-area police officer came to the rescue after a skunk was spotted with its head stuck in a cup.

In a video posted by Peel Regional Police, an officer can be seen carefully approaching the skunk as it was wandering while completely unable to see.

After sensing an opportunity, the officer grabbed the cup off of the skunk's head and quickly fled in order to avoid being potentially sprayed.

"What do you get when a Police officer and a skunk cross? Law and Odour," the police department wrote in a social media post.

Skunks are a commons sight in urban areas across North America. While skunks have a keen sense of hearing and smell, they have poor eyesight and can often get their heads stuck in disposable cups.

Peel Regional Police are also asking residents to avoid littering in order to "keep our community safe and clean."

What do you get when a Police officer and a skunk cross? Law and Odour.

Great job by Constable Zamani for taking this high risk task. Helping out a furry friend in need. #protectanimals @MoveTheWorld @AnimalPlanet
Be mindful not to litter, keep our community safe and clean. pic.twitter.com/0kAcRhY6Yn

— Peel Regional Police (@PeelPolice) June 5, 2021