LifeLabs sites temporarily close in Victoria, Langford


Two medical testing sites on the South Island are temporarily locking their doors Tuesday as they face staffing issues.

A representative with LifeLabs says increased retirement and greater turnover in staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic have forced the unplanned closures.

The locations that are temporarily closing are at 1990 Fort Street and 2945 Jacklin Road.

“These locations were selected due to their proximity to other LifeLabs locations, to minimize the disruption to patients," said Imran Amin. "Patients with appointments at these locations are being notified about the closures. Individuals will be redirected to alternative locations nearby."

The medical testing company says it understands this is an inconvenience.

LifeLabs also says it’s increasing hiring incentives and career advancement and is looking to other provinces to hire trained professionals to fill its current staffing gaps.