Light rain, thundershower risk for the next few in Calgary

UPDATE: A larger-scale change has come to Thursday — where once we had a reasonably clear day, additional showers have crept in, baked with a chance of thundershowers. Again. Similar to what we had happen Tuesday ...

A very (very) brief bout with a storm has already occurred. As I mentioned in this morning's edition, we expected something light, and that's what happened.

A wee storm passed over #Calgary today! #yyc

— Kevin Stanfield (@CTVStanfield) May 10, 2022

The forecast otherwise doesn't move many needles, as temperatures are concerned. Weak overnight showers with a passing flurry will continue to be the subheading to daily storm potential.

Expect something of a (mild) rinse and repeat for today, with a few degrees added – and with them, a marginally better chance at some active weather.

Our temperatures are still too far down for a ton of storm energy, but the potential remains – scattered showers will billow off of the foothills this afternoon. They'll remain a possibility until the evening. At the same time, the biggest caveat to the storm rolls in the afternoon; the guiding wind for those foothill storms is westerly, and with it, we'll see a dryer layer press in.

Gusts were previously tracked in the 20-30 km/h region, but now present in the 50 km/h margin, wiping away just in time for storm potential this afternoon.

Wednesday, we'll do it all again under slightly clearer conditions, with Thursday and beyond shaping into a trend toward above-seasonal temperatures, with a crack at twenty degrees by the weekend. The little bout of snow from yesterday will be a distant memory, fading as fast as this:

This here is one of my favourite time lapses of our @CTVCalgary Skywatch Cam (watch the snow) #yyc #Calgary

— Kevin Stanfield (@CTVStanfield) May 9, 2022


Tuesday Evening

  • mainly cloudy, chance of showers, low 1 C


  • Partly cloudy, chance of evening showers/thundershowers
  • Daytime high: 15 C
  • Evening: mainly cloudy, chance of showers, low 1 C


  • Partly cloudy, chance of evening showers/thundershowers
  • Daytime high: 16 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 5 C


  • Mainly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 12 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 3 C


  • Mainly 
  • Daytime high: 17 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 6 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 21 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 8 C

Today's pic (and video!) of the day is from Ian, who may have had one of the worst wake-ups to snow I've seen:

@CTVStanfield - reverse angle - I think it is toast :( - you can use these if you desire...

— Ian Procter (@ianprocter) May 9, 2022

Pulled from our security camera - 1:41 AM - permission to use given

— Ian Procter (@ianprocter) May 10, 2022

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