Litter of puppies and their mom survive Lytton, B.C., fire despite being left behind

A hobby farmer near Lytton, B.C., initially thought all her animals had died in the fire that ravaged the town, but she learned this weekend that some survived.

Tricia Thorpe cared for dozens of animals on her property prior to the fire, but the fast-moving flames on Wednesday prevented her from being able to bring any of the animals with her.

Then, on Saturday, she got word that three firefighters were able to get to her property, and found her seven puppies had survived.

“It was incredible, it was like this little ray of sunshine, a bright spot in all the darkness,” Thorpe said.

The firefighters posted a heartwarming picture of themselves tending to the large, fluffy, cream-coloured pups and their mom.

“Those guys are awesome, they’re going through the same struggles, they’re seeing complete devastation … and everybody came together to try and help us,” Thorpe said.

“I will forever be grateful and I will never, ever be able to repay the kindness of these people,” she said.