Live History in Capreol this weekend

The Northern Ontario Railroad Museum in Capreol  is giving visitors a chance to experience the rail yard in a unique way.

Live History, a theatre company that specializes in bringing local history to life is in town this weekend and will be presenting “Passengers- An Interactive Adventure in Time” Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm at the museum house at 26 Bloor Street.

“It’s a night at the museum themed clue game that you go through a little scavenger hunt through the rail yard and museum and you answer all the questions and you try to figure out what artifact brought all the characters to life and you help them through it,” says Kat Bezaire, Archivist at The Northern Ontario Railroad Museum

Live History has performed throughout Canada and has toured international venues in Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, England, Wales and Ireland. 

One of the actors Solly Balbaa says he learns something new at every location and here in the small town of Capreol is no exception.

“The whole journey of how the railroad was built and how it had an impact on the town as well as the politics of the town through the building of the railroad company.”

 To comply with the NORMHC’s COVID-19 procedures, timed tickets can be reserved by calling the museum