Local dragon boat team turns to kayaks to practice

Local dragon boat team took to kayaks so they could practice together while abiding by social distancing rules in River Canard, Ont. on Saturday, July 10, 2021. (Chris Campbell/CTV Windsor)

The Local Breast Cancer Survivor dragon boat team ‘The Wonder Broads’ hasn’t been able to get into their dragon boat since 2019 — but Saturday they practiced in River Canard, getting into individual kayaks to be together.

The 20-member team say they have all been double vaccinated and have all waited at least two weeks since receiving their shots to be together.

The group met at the River Canard Canoe Club to practice towards the Detroit River.

Social distancing rules prevent the team from practicing together in a typical dragon boat.

Organizers of Saturday’s gathering say they still don’t expect to compete until next spring but plan to continue practicing this way until then.