The New Year brings new partnerships for two local theatre companies. Post Productions and Windsor Feminist Theatre are joining forces to bring creative and thought-provoking live theatre to audiences in 2021. 

"It would be really great is if we had some joint productions that just wouldn’t have been possible without unless these two companies came together," says Michael Potter, Post Productions managing director.

The two companies will collaborate to encourage new and diverse forms of theatre. 

With an optimistic outlook on 2021, the first live show is set to arrive spring of 2021. Windsor Feminist Theatre’s new play, Dominatrix on Trial, which cancelled this spring due to the COVID pandemic will be the first show of the year. 

"It costs a lot of money to cancel a show. Basically we’re starting from square one all over again when we start rehearsing the next month or so," says Windsor Feminist Theatre’s artistic director, Patricia Fell.

As the general public continues to wait its turn for a COVID-19 vaccine, the chance of in-person marathons making return in 2021 is slim.

"We won’t see anything sizable until 2022," says Chris Uszynski, Running Flat’s race director. 

As the third largest endurance production company in Canada, Running Flat registers over 30,000 people each year in its races. Uszynski says marathons typically take 8-12 months to plan, which makes it difficult to host traditional events in the coming year. 

With uncertainty around how the COVID-19 pandemic will unfold in the coming months, he has already make a tough decision for the annual Canada D’eh Run in Amherstburg. 

"We’re going to launch Canada day as 100 percent virtual because we’re not confident that we’re going to do it live by July 1."

Although the shift to virtual races will make up for some of the revenue loss, Uszynski says his company still has to pay over $20 thousand dollars annually in operating costs.