When it comes to cutting Black hair, it’s all about precision and care

“We live in a diverse society right, so all aspects of hair textures need to be addressed," said Keven Francis, owner of Diverse Barbershop in Kitchener. "It's really in school, really it just deals with one sector and I feel that needs to be explored."

According to Francis, more men and women in the Black community are wearing more natural or protective hair styles, meaning education is key.

“Any professional hair program really should include a component on Black hair education and education on all different hair types and all different hair textures. You need to be able to properly and professionally treat and serve any client who may come and sit in your chair," said Amalia Ramierez, Director of Marketing with Intercosmetics in Waterloo.

In the nearly 20 years he's been in Waterloo Region, Frances said he has seen not only a tremendous growth in the amount of diversity, but in the demand of Black hair education and hair styling options within the region.

For members of the Black community - it means investing back in their community where they live.

“With diversity being such a huge thing, I think we need more barbers that are able to style different hair textures that way everyone feels like they have options,” said Kitchener resident Arinze Inoma.

“It’s really nice to have someone here that can take care of my hair instead of driving all the way to Toronto,: said Kitchener resident Joshua Makinde.

“Keven and Winton are two great staples in the area and they're here for all your hair cutting needs,” said Kitchener resident Chris Ashley.

 Francis said it's encouraging to see more salons and barbershops opening in the GTA, with more open minds and more options for more people.

“I think for the next generation, I think it's good to see and possibly invest into that and develop their techniques for the future,” said Francis.

He’s hoping to see more of this in Waterloo Region as well.