Local volunteer group moving forward after truck stolen

Source: Anishiative/ Facebook

A local volunteer group is continuing to move forward after its truck was stolen last week.

Anishiative, an Indigenous-operated leadership group that promotes volunteerism, had the truck it used to transport supplies stolen on Winnipeg’s Ashburn Street.

Rylee Nepinak, co-founder of Anishiative, said the truck was essential to the organization.

“It’s also a vehicle of one of our family members, who’s a single father,” he said.

“So that’s quite the setback, because we’re a young organization.”

He said they are now trying to raise some money through a GoFundMe to be able to purchase another car.

“We’re not looking for a truck, we’re looking for a van to allow us to do more programming, still transport our supplies, help families get home from the grocery stores,” Nepinak said.


Despite the loss of the truck, Rylee said Anishiative is still continuing to give back to the community. Some of the work the organization does, includes picking up litter, shovelling walkways for Elders and single parents, and delivering hampers.

He said the group recently teamed up with Anish Corp. for a community care camp at Thunderbird House.

“Those are the things we want continue to do year-round,” Nepinak said.

He said they will also be running a family cultural program at the Elizabeth Fry Society.

“To help (families) learn the culture with their children and meet other families to build relationships in the community,” Nepinak said.

Nepinak added that the group is welcoming, so if someone feels they could benefit from Anishiative they are welcome to join.

He said people can also help raise aware about the organization and keep a look out for the truck, which is a red Ford F-150 with the licence plate KRV 628.

- With files from CTV’s Michael Hutchinson and Devon McKendrick.