Location for new Sault paramedic base being scrapped

In Sault Ste Marie, plans for a new paramedic base at a former school in the city are being scrapped by social services.

The paramedic base was intended to be part of the Sacred Heart School Redevelopment, which will also house a permanent men's shelter and harm reduction facility.

Plans for those two components will continue, but the social services CEO Mike Nadeau said it's no longer feasible for the site to hold a new ambulance base as well.

"So, just from a cost perspective, some of the synergies we were hoping to have or planning to have, by having a shared space, started to disappear. So we really started to look at, where is the best spot for the ambulance base, solely based on call volume," Nadeau said.

Paramedics will still be looking to move downtown and will need several months to determine a new location, he added.