Log home in Timmins waiting to be declared a historical landmark

This home was built in 1925 with logs retrieved from the Mattagami River. It's only had two owners and now they've agreed to have it designated as a property with historical value. (Lydia Chubak/CTV News)

Timmins is developing a registry of historically significant properties.

In partnership with its Municipal Heritage Committee and the Timmins Museum, it's looking for property owners who want to submit their homes or businesses as possible sites.

Along with the log home, located on Wilson Avenue near the Mattagami River, there are more than 100 other sites on the list.

They include the 1930s Hollinger House, currently situated on the museum's grounds; the McIntyre Headframe and Community Centre; the television station and many churches and schools.

In an interview with CTV News, Nicola Alexander, the chairperson of the Municipal Heritage Committee said it's important to preserve the community's history.

“They touch on issues like community pride and community sustainability," said Alexander. "Then if we take the sustainable word and put it into the side of the environmental side, it’s just becoming more important to think about the buildings we already have, the carbon that’s embodied in them and how can we better maintain, reuse and adapt the structures we have rather than continually building from new.”

Alexander said anyone can apply to have a property designated and suggested contacting the city clerk for an application form, since certain criteria needs to be met and age of a building isn't always a factor.