The local London economy has created another 4,200 new jobs this month, with over 22,300 over the last three months.

"The fact we have more people employed in London today, especially during the midst of a pandemic, compared to September of last year is truly a testament to the resiliency and ingenuity of local employers, and our highly talented workforce," said London Mayor Ed Holder.

London and Barrie are the only mid-to large Ontario cities that have employed more people this September compared to that of September, 2019.

Mayor Holder says while he is pleased with the process, it does not mean that he is satisfied with the numbers.

"We know employers and those looking for work continue to face tremendous pressures, especially in the weeks and months ahead. We are absolutely committed to doing all we can to ensure London’s economic recovery leaves no one behind."

With over 150 individuals, business, and social agencies, the London Community Recovery Network will meet in less than two weeks to discuss six priority action tables.

Londoners can look forward to a report for the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee to consider by November.

There are 255,000 individuals employed currently verses 249,300 in September, 2019.