London Fire Department reminds Londoners what fire safety sounds like

It’s Fire Prevention Week, observed across North America, and the London Fire Department (LFD) has launched their 'Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety' campaign.

“Many times, when smoke alarms go off, people don’t know what to do, they don’t know what those sounds actually mean between a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm,” said deputy chief of the LFD, Matt Hepditch.

Hepditch adds one of the most common calls to the station is inquiries about the sounds homeowner’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are making.

In most cases, the sound is a single and sporadic beep which indicates a battery change is needed on the device.

Since the start of the pandemic, the deputy chief says LFD has seen a significant increase in house fires, with the main cause stemming from unattended items cooking in the kitchen.

“Something has distracted them; they leave the stove on and it causes a fire,” said Hepditch.

In order to reduce the number of fires LFD is seeing, the chief is strongly encouraging people not to leave flammable elements in the kitchen, or anywhere else in the house, unattended.

But if you do have to leave the kitchen, bring a spatula or anything else to hold in your hand as a reminder that there is something cooking.

This week, LFD is also reminding Londoners that keeping your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors maintained is the law, with serious penalties if not followed.

There should be a fire alarm on every floor of the house and a carbon monoxide detector outside every sleeping area in the house.

Batteries in these devices should be changed every year.

Fire Prevention Week runs until Oct. 9.