London Ice Cream Company on the move


The London Ice Cream Company is moving to a new location.

Come spring, the iconic shop will move its new retail store in front of the factory on White Oak Road.

According to Abbi Lezizidis of London Ice Cream Company, the new location will be more family friendly.

“It’ll be more than just the scoop shop,” said Lezizidis. “It’ll be an area where people can come, bring their kids, let them run. It’s kind of hard to let kids run here, it’s a really busy street. But, the property is very tiny, very small, where we’re located now there’s big green space. So, we do have some plans, and I can’t wait to share those once we finalize them in March.”

The ice cream shop has been at its current location on Baseline Road for 26 years, but will close that location later this month with plans to open the new space in March.