London, Ont.-made vegan cheese hitting U.S. store shelves

Nuts for Cheese, a vegan and dairy-free cheese and dairy product manufacturer based in London, Ont. is expanding its reach.

The company was started six years ago by founder Margaret Coons. In those early days she would rent kitchen space after hours and sell her creations at farmers' markets.

The company has grown quickly, now in its fourth facility, Nuts for Cheese is manufacturing a growing desire for vegan, dairy-free products in the United States.

“Whole Foods is kind of our biggest, most exciting announcement that we’ve been really fortunate to get excited about recently, because we’re launching in three different Whole Foods regions this fall. The first region will start in September then the third one will follow in October,” says Coons.

Nuts for Cheese products will be available in Whole Foods stores in the midwest U.S., including locations in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Montana, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

One of the new products that will be coming to stores this fall is dairy-free butter. That is expected to hit shelves in early October.