London, Ont. man sentenced to 16 years for attempted murder

Derek Boyd has been sentenced to 16 years for attempted murder.

The ruling was handed down by Superior Court Justice Marc Garson in a Stratford, Ont. courtroom Tuesday.

“The offender has a clear and demonstrated history of controlling, manipulative and violent behaviour,” said Garson.

The Crown was seeking life in prison for the 38-year-old Londoner, while the defence was looking for a 10 to 12 year sentence.

“Let me be clear, the victim before me is alive today because of her actions,” Garson added.

In an agreed statement of facts read last year, Crown Elizabeth Wilson said in February 2020, the victim — who ended a relationship with Boyd a day earlier — was waiting for roadside assistance at Little Falls Elementary School in St Marys after noticing a puncture in the tire of her rental car.

Boyd then jumped into the vehicle holding a large steak-style knife and stabbed her in the right abdomen and shoulder.

The victim managed to escape through the passenger door and ran into the lobby of her son’s elementary school. She was taken to Victoria Hospital where emergency surgery was needed to repair damage to her abdomen.

“She fought for her life,” said Garson. “She fought for herself, her son, her mother and her family. The loud and irrefutable message that this court must send to both this offender and to like-minded persons is simple, intimate partners are entitled to end relationships. They are entitled to do so safely."

Garson also ordered a weapons ban for life, a primary designated offence DNA order, a non-communication order with the victim and counselling while incarcerated.

Prior to his arrest in this case, Boyd had a previous criminal record including a lifetime weapons ban for sexual assault. He was also well known in the London fitness community as the operator of two nutrition stores.

More than two years later, the victim is said to continue to suffer from nightmares and PTSD.

Garson closed his ruling by addressing the victim directly.

“You are brave, resilient, and an inspiration to others. Your voice has been heard,” he said.

With deductions from time served, Boyd will have roughly 14 years and nine months left on his 16-year sentence.