London police monitor key neighbourhoods with start of Project LEARN


With the return to campus this weekend, London police are encouraging students to “party smart.”

London police started “Project LEARN” (Liquor Enforcement and Reduction of Noise) is an increased police presence downtown and in neighbourhoods near Western University and Fanshawe College.

Police will be monitoring those areas for the first few weekends of the academic year. Police say there is also increased enforcement of by-laws related to parties, fires, noise, litter, etc.

Officers are reminding students to “be a good neighbour” and celebrate the first weekend on campus responsibly.

Project LEARN was first launched in 2007 to help protect public safety and property. Administration and student leaders from Fanshawe College and Western University have partnered on the project.

Police say partying smart includes:

  • Go to a licenced establishment, event, or a small, private house party
  • Don't post house party locations on social media
  • Don't attend nuisance or street parties
  • Drink responsibly – having fun while being safe
  • Be respectful of others in the community
  • Use a washroom, not someone’s backyard

#ProjectLEARN has begun! This is an exciting time for those returning to campus, so we’re urging all students to celebrate responsibly and to respect the property of others. There will be an increased police presence around key areas in #LdnOnt for safety. Be a good neighbour!��

— London Police Service ON (@lpsmediaoffice) September 5, 2021