London police offer back-to-school tips


Wednesday marks the first of September which has the London Police Services reminding the public of back-to-school safety tips.

Motorists are reminded to come to a complete stop for busses with flashing red lights and to watch for children crossing the street.

Drivers travelling in both directions must stop for school busses when their red light is flashing or the stop arm is activated.

When it comes to guardians and parents who have their children attending school, tips include:

  • Finding the safest route to school or the bus stop
  • Encouraging children to stay stick to routes without taking shortcuts
  • Using sidewalks away from the road
  • Reminding children not to speak to people they don't know
  • Wearing a fitted helmet if cycling or riding a scooter
  • Putting phones away and staying alert when walking
  • Crossing at marked crossings or crosswalk, obeying crossing guards
  • Face forward and follow the driver's rules if riding on a bus
  • Maintaining physical distancing

With many students learning from home, police also offer tips when working virtual

  • Parents/guardians should have age appropriate conversations about digital use
  • Establish expectations of text messages, location sharing, etc.
  • Look at parental controls to monitor what children can access
  • Secure Wi-Fi connection and keep passwords private
  • Let children know not to share photos or meet with anyone they don't know
  • Create a safe space for children to be able to speak about their concerns

For more tips, visit their website.

Motorists – always come to a complete stop for school buses with flashing red lights. �� #SlowDown and do NOT pass a school bus for the safety of the children boarding the bus. �� #LdnOnt #BackToSchool

— London Police Service ON (@lpsmediaoffice) August 31, 2021