Cow roundup continues into its fourth day north of the Sault

Complaints about people hunting and shooting roaming cows in the area of Old Woman Road, on Highway 17 north of Sault Ste. Marie, were reported by the OPP in tweets late Saturday and early Sunday. Police file photo

Ontario provincial police said Tuesday about 15 cows remain to be rounded up by contractors following four days of roaming in the Old Woman Road area of Highway 17 north of Sault Ste. Marie.

40 to 50 cows began roaming in the area Saturday afternoon after a truck was involved in a collision.

"Contractors are asking the public not to attempt to scare the cows into the bush, as it makes it difficult to gather them," police said in a release.

"If anyone sees any loose cows, they can call the police to notify us of the exact location." 

Police also advise drivers or residents in the area to avoid approaching the animals.

There were earlier complaints about people hunting roaming cows in the area.

"Under no circumstances, should anyone attempt to shoot and claim these animals," police said.

"Contractors are working in the area to corral the cows."