A high school musical theatre company is hoping it can entertain an audience with drive-in performances and has sent a letter to the province's top doctor for direction.

Students at Vancouver's Magee Secondary School believe their one-act plays can be pre-recorded and safely screened in the parking lot.

The school board has denied the request, but organizers say they'd keep patrons in their cars so they don't mingle. Organizers also say they'd allow no more than 50 cars and have a contactless ticket display.

Now, they're asking Dr. Bonnie Henry how the show can go on, with the hope of running it on Feb. 11.

"I wrote the letter to her to ask for guidance on what more we can do to make this a safe event for everybody to attend," said Magee student Felix Hutnyk.

"We pass by people in the hallways, we're in classrooms with loads of people. It seems like this drive-in would be quite safe comparatively to that."

In previous years the school's theatre program has staged classical productions like Cinderella, Cabaret and Legally Blonde.