Top five most read stories on CTV News Winnipeg for the month of February.

Here's the top five most read stories on CTV News Winnipeg for the month of February:

Canada's largest piece of land is up for sale in Manitoba

The largest piece of land in Canada is up for sale in Manitoba, and all 25,900 acres could be yours - if you have a spare $57 million lying around.

New scam uses your phone number to steal your online identity

Using your cell phone number, fraudsters can take control of your online identity – wreaking havoc on your social media and bank accounts, emails and text messages.

'Extremely rare' sighting of a lynx litter caught on camera by Hydro worker

A Manitoba Hydro worker stumbled across an "extremely rare" sight while traveling the highways in rural Manitoba – a mother lynx and her litter.

Peter Nygard steps down following FBI raid at Nygard fashion house

Just hours after FBI and New York City police raided Nygard headquarters in Times Square, Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard announced he will be stepping down from his company.

Veteran finds blood dripping from bathroom ceiling after neighbour's death

Adam Hockett was getting ready to go to work Saturday evening when he went to use the bathroom and blood dripping from his bathroom ceiling.