MADD campaign creates bold visual to deter drunk driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is using a visual display of the consequences of drunk driving as a new campaign method.

The flipped over, crashed car, is a reminder of what can happen to motorists who drive impaired. The campaign has been launched with the help of Alberta Transportation and the City of Edmonton.

“The crashed car initiative started as a visual reminder to remind motorists not to drive impaired. Lots of things have been done throughout the years for impaired driving education, but we still have impaired drivers,” said president of MADD, Allison Tatham.

The crashed car will be relocating around the city every two weeks and will run until the start of September. The car is placed east on 100 Avenue on the southside boulevard.

 “I don’t think people understand unless they see these things first hand of what can actually happen,” said Tatham.

“I hope they remember the impact that impaired driving has on them, their friends, family, and relatives. I really just want people to stop impaired driving. There is no reason to do so,” she added.

The goals of the campaign are to remind people to never drive impaired or drive with an impaired driver, to plan ahead when drinking, and to call police when a driver is suspected impaired.