MADD Edmonton distributing red ribbons for annual drive sober warning


Mothers Against Drunk Driving has started promoting its annual red ribbon campaign in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

The campaign, which runs from early November until after New Years, is a reminder to never drive drunk or high.

The president of MADD Edmonton is an advanced-care paramedic. Her father was killed by an impaired driver.

"We see, day in and day out, the tragic effects that impaired driving has on everyday people," Allison Tatham said in an interview.

"This doesn’t (just) happen to other people. This can happen to people that you know and love."

MADD volunteers across Canada distribute thousands of red ribbons and red ribbon car decals each year.

The ribbons serve as a powerful tribute to the hundreds of Canadians killed and thousands injured in crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs each year.

You can request a red ribbon online or pick one up at the local MADD office.