A customer accidentally left a $5,000 tip on a beer at a restaurant in Portland, Ore.

A customer at a Portland restaurant is breathing a sigh of relief after the owner returned his accidental US$5,000 tip on a pint of beer.

On Saturday night, David House visited San Felipe Taqueria in Portland, Ore. for a beer. He said he intended to leave a $5 tip on the beer, but instead, he accidentally left $5,000.

House said he realized his mistake a few days later when he went to check his bank account and discovered his funds had been drained.

Thankfully, the eatery’s owner, Oniel Ortiz, also noticed House’s error and set about tracking him down by alerting local media.

On Thursday, House returned to the restaurant where Ortiz gladly handed him a cheque for $5,000.

After the pair hugged, House shared how he felt about his good fortune.

“It is just so nice to know that there are honest people in this world,” he told local television station KPTV on Thursday.

As for Ortiz, he said he was just glad he was able to find House so he could return his money.

“To find him, to make a new friend, a new customer, it was great,” he said.

Ortiz not only returned his customer’s money, he also offered to buy his $5 beer from that night.

In response, House said he definitely plans to return to San Felipe Taqueria.