One man has been arrested after shooting a rifle in the direction of police, according to Manitoba RCMP.

Around 2:45 p.m. on Oct.1, Manitoba RCMP officers were called to a rural property, located near Moosehorn in the R.M. of Grahamdale, for a report of a 25-year-old man threatening to shoot police.

When Mounties got to the scene, they found one man on the property who was carrying a loaded rifle and had a significant amount of ammunition. There were no other civilians on the property.

Using the loudspeaker on the police car, officers told the man to put down his weapon but said he refused.

Police allege the man began to “intentionally” shoot his rifle in the general direction of where the officers had taken cover. Officers noted the man was “very agitated” and seemed to be intoxicated.

Mounties continued to talk to the suspect to try to get him to put down the gun.

Then around 5:30 p.m., officers realized the man was out of ammunition and safely arrested him.

During this incident, RCMP officer didn’t fire their weapons. No officers were hurt and no civilians were placed in danger. 

The suspect, who RCMP said was not hurt during the arrest, was taken to the hospital, examined, and released. He’s currently in police custody and faces several charges including three counts of discharging a firearm with intent. None of these charges have been proven in court.

“This situation was resolved safely with no injuries, and I am very grateful for that,” said Insp. Chris Moore, incident commander, in a news release.

“Our officers are in dangerous situations day in and day out, but when a firearm is involved, it takes that danger to another level. The training these officers receive as well as the genuine concern they have for the people of their community kept this incident from escalating and allowed for a peaceful resolution.”

The RCMP and forensic identification section out of Winnipeg are both investigating.