Ottawa Police say a 22-year-old man is facing several charges, as he stands accused of abusing a small dog.

Police said in a press release Monday afternoon that Ottawa police officers and Ottawa Community Housing security were called about a man who was allegedly seen abusing a small dog in the area of Billings Bridge Plaza on Aug. 24.

Police said the man had run away before they arrived, but the incident was captured on video.

Ontario animal welfare investigators and OC Transpo special constables assisted in the investigation. Police said they were made aware of other videos purporting to show the same man abusing the same dog.

The videos were not made public by Ottawa Police. 

The suspect was arrested Friday.

Ottawa Police say Cameron Timms, 22, is facing two counts of causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal, two counts of injuring an animal, and four counts of failing to comply with a judicial order of release. He was held for show cause and later released by a Justice of the Peace pending his court date.

A police spokesperson told CTV News by email that the dog is in stable condition and is expected to recover.