Man charged with impaired driving following two-vehicle crash in Guelph


A Scarborough man is facing impaired and dangerous driving charges following a collision in Guelph Monday morning.

In a news release, officials said prior to the collision officers received several reports of a vehicle driving dangerously in the Victoria Road South area, passing other vehicles in oncoming traffic and running red lights.

Around 11:40 a.m. the male driver was observed speeding southbound on Victoria Road South when he ran a red light at Elizabeth Street and collided with another vehicle.

Police said that there were minor injuries reported, but both vehicles were destroyed.

At the scene officers observed the male driver to be very excitable, unable to answer simple questions, speaking rapidly and laughing.

Based on these observations officers believed the man may be impaired by a drug.

The man initially agreed to provide a blood sample for analysis, but later refused.

A 24-year-old Scarborough man has since been charged with impaired operation, dangerous driving, failing to comply with a demand, and several Highway Traffic Act offence.

He is set to appear in a Guelph court August 20.