A Kelowna man walking across Canada to raise awareness for veteran’s issues travelled through southeastern Saskatchewan on Wednesday.

Warren Michael was working on a reserve when he decided that he had enough. In an effort to raise awareness of social issues that are close to his heart, he built a veteran's cross.

Once he finished. He knew what he had to do -- march across Canada.

“These men and women are ready to give the ultimate sacrifice -- their lives. They do this for me and many others that they do not know,” Michael said.

Despite a broken ankle, Michael refused to stop walking with the cross until he sees a difference.

To Michael, this march is not just for veterans but also for First Nations and those suffering from mental illness.

“There are ninety-one reserves without clean drinking water,” Michael said. “When I was working on a reserve [for] a few months, The water there was just undrinkable.”

Word quickly spread about his mission, and others joined to march along with him, including Henri-Paul Gilbert.

“I, myself dealing with mental illness being a veteran, I figured it was a good chance for me to team up with a young man that’s taking up for us veterans and Natives as well,” Gilbert, who is a Public Relations Officer for the Veterans Coalition Party, said.

The veterans cross is also a donation box, which allows individuals to support the cause.

Michael said the only way we can overcome these issues is by staying united.

"We are Canadians. We are the true north strong and free. We come from far and wide. And we will stand on guard for thee,” he said.

Michael plans to walk to Ottawa, however, he does not intend on stopping there. He promised to continue his march until he is heard.