An office is seen in this file photo. (Marc Mueller / Pexels)

According to Statistics Canada, Manitoba’s economy added thousands of new jobs in August, as the province’s employment rate has continued to rise.

The numbers show that in August, Manitoba added over 8,000 jobs, which included about 5,700 part-time jobs and 2,400 full-time jobs.

Manitoba’s unemployment rate saw a slight decrease during this time, shifting from 8.2 per cent in July to 8.1 per cent in August.

Though these numbers reflect gains in Manitoba’s employment, 8,000 jobs is still lower than the numbers the province saw in June and July, when the economy added 28,900 and 12,400 jobs, respectively.

These numbers are in line with what the rest of the country, which saw slower job gains in August than it did in July.

In August, Canada’s economy added 246,000 jobs, which was the fourth consecutive month of gains following pandemic-related lockdowns. But in July, it added 419,000 new jobs.

- With files from The Canadian Press.