Manitoba confirms case of severe acute hepatitis in child

Shared Health has confirmed one pediatric case of severe acute hepatitis in recent weeks in Manitoba.

In a statement on Tuesday, a spokesperson said they could not share details of the health region or severity of the case due to patient privacy. The spokesperson was also unable to say whether the person with severe acute hepatitis previously had COVID-19.

The World Health Organization said it is aware of 348 cases of severe acute hepatitis in children around the world. One death has been reported and 17 liver transplants have been required.

Severe acute hepatitis is liver inflammation alongside jaundice and gastrointestinal dysfunction in children up to the age of 16, with no presence of the known hepatitis viruses.

Symptoms include lethargy, fever, dark urine, pale stools, loss of appetite and nausea.

- With files from CP24's Chris Herhalt.