Manitoba creates student advisory council to help with education system

The provincial government announced on Wednesday that it has created a new student advisory council to help with transforming the education system in the province.

Education Minister Cliff Cullen said during a news conference that this group, which will feature 30 students, is diverse and made up of students aged 14 to 18.

"Council members will provide insights and advice on issues and topics that are current and emerging for Manitoba Kindergarten to Grade 12 students," said Cullen.

The province received around 200 applications to be on the council, and the group will serve a 12-month term that starts August 2021 and goes until August 2022.

"I think it's critical we engage with students on that to make sure we fully appreciate what they need and what they are trying to accomplish."

Cullen said in the application process, students mentioned several topics they would like to focus on, including mental health, diversity and inclusion, reconciliation, and regional equality.

The students will meet with Cullen, along with education stakeholders and government staff, during their 12-month term.