Along with checking your pearly whites, Manitoba dentists are jumping on the COVID-19 frontline.

Dentists are answering the call to help with vaccine injections, according to Dr. Marc Mollot, president of the Manitoba Dental Association.

"Dentists were asked by the government to take part in efforts of vaccination and they are part of an interdisciplinary team of vaccinators," said Mallot.

While dentists already know about injections and disease prevention, those looking to start immunizing people have to take a special one-day course at Red River College.

"So dentists will have completed a one-day calibration credentialing course along with all the invited parties to the table before being deployed to the vaccination team," Mallot said. "The purpose of that course was to provide a hands-on opportunity for dentists and other health care professionals to handle the vaccine and to talk about the specifics about vaccination."

Mallot said dentists across the province are signing up for the vaccination program.

"A small community of people can really make a big difference," he said. "Dentists are usually very supportive of a community."

Mallot also noted that dentists are open during code red restrictions and that people should continue with their routine care.