Manitoba farmer invites visitors to take sunflower field selfies to raise awareness

A Manitoba farmer is inviting people to come explore his sunflower field, allowing visitors to take pictures in the eye-popping yellow field and in the process learn more about the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Manitobans are invited to head east of MacGregor to visit the Toews Family sunflower field. Visitors are invited to take pictures for social media, use the field for a photo session, or even cut some flowers to take home.

Dean Toews, who runs the farm with his family, opened up his sunflower field to raise awareness for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank – a Christian not-for-profit organization working to end global hunger.

"This year, we decided to try this sunflower field as a way of being more interactive with those that are travelling by on the highway or are in the towns and cities nearby that are interested in just being out in the field," Toews said.

"We thought this is an open invitation to come take pictures with some flowers and raise awareness for Canadian Foodgrains Bank."

(Source: Kamp Photography)

Visitors to the field can donate money to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank during the trip to the field or online.

Toews said given the dry year, he wasn't sure if the crop would turn out.

"All of a sudden it grew heads and they started blooming so we kind of jumped into promoting it," he said. "Just in the last few days really, it's really taken off through social media mainly."

(Source:  Sonya Toews)

While the field is in bloom now, Toews said those planning to visit shouldn't wait too long.

"There will for sure be this weekend yet that there will be nice flowering heads there," he said. "But as the time goes on, they'll start to start to drop the petals."

More information can be found online.

-with files from CTV's Charles Lefebvre