Manitobans encouraged to celebrate health care workers this weekend

(File Photo)

To mark National Physicians Day, Manitobans are once again being asked to break out the pots for a celebration.

Since the start of the pandemic, banging pots together in recognition of health care workers has become a staple for the world to show thanks to those who have protected us.

Theresa Oswald, the CEO of Doctors Manitoba, said the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone over the last year, including health care workers.

"They are working hard with those people who have contracted COVID," said Oswald. "They are working hard with those folks who are really trying hard to take their advice (to) not put their health on hold. So they're reorganizing their clinics, allowing for social distancing, working extra hours to see people late into the day. They really are leaving it all out on the field."

Oswald said hitting pots together for doctors was something that really took over during the first wave of the pandemic, and health care workers have appreciated the support.

"Their hearts are overflowing with gratitude when they get these messages from Manitobans."

She said receiving that kind of support really reinforces the work they are doing to make sure everyone stays safe during this time.

To help celebrate physicians, Oswald is asking all Manitobans to head out onto their decks and balconies and bang their pots together and make noise. This will happen at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

She is also asking people to record their celebrations and post them online with the hashtag pots for docs. Doctors Manitoba will then collect those posts and send a montage to health care workers.

If people don't do this on Saturday, Oswald said there are still ways people can recognize health care workers for everything they do.

"The very best way that people can show appreciation is number one, despite how tired of it we all are, hang in there with the public health advice. Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear your mask. That is an active way that we can say thank you."

She said the other way is getting the vaccine as soon as you can, noting it is the "pathway" out of the pandemic.