Manitobans reminded to be fire safe as hot weather arrives

Effective immediately, a fire restriction was issued for Leduc on Monday.

As Canada Day and the weekend approaches, Manitobans are being reminded to be fire safe.

The Manitoba Wildfire Service said the fire danger throughout southern and central Manitoba is high to extreme and this is due to the dry and hot weather that is making its way to the province from out west.

Environment Canada currently has a heat warning in place for the majority of the province.

"The public is reminded to use extreme caution around fire, especially in wilderness areas over Canada Day and into the weekend," the province said in a news release.

Manitobans are reminded that fireworks and sky lanterns are not allowed in provincial parks.

Since June 27, the province said 13 new fires have been found with the majority happening east of Lake Winnipeg.

"The public is asked to be extra careful with any fireworks displays, campfires or any other activity that could start a wildfire."

The province encourages people to check municipal burning restrictions before planning any activities.

People can get more fire information from the province online.