Maritimers give their take on 2020 U.S. election

Two days ahead of what many call the most important U.S. election in a long time, Maritimers are weighing in on their expectations for Tuesday night's big reveal as President Donald Trump and Joe Biden await poll results. Meanwhile, former U.S. citizens living in Canada believe the impact will be far-reaching, regardless of who wins.

So, four more years of Trump, or a new Biden era? No matter who Canadians want to win, many are fully aware of the significance the election holds on their side of the border.

"This is probably one of the most important American elections since the United States civil war," says Cape Breton University political scientist, David Johnson.

Johnson believes America hasn't been as divided, at the top, since the 1860s. While he acknowledges Trump has plenty of supporters, he feels the incumbent is in an uphill battle to return for another term.

"He has to win Florida, he has to win Pennsylvania, he has to win Michigan, he has to win Wisconsin," says Johnson. "Much of that is very much in doubt now."

Walter Doue is a resident of Sydney, N.S., who lived in Texas for years. While he's pulling for Joe Biden in Tuesday's election, he doesn't underestimate the strength of Trump's supporters.

"I think Trump is going to pull out an eleventh-hour win," says Doue. “Is his base going to really come out and give him 150 per cent? If they do, then again, the political pundits are right that he's going to pull it out."

Lucie Blue Tremblay is a resident of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, who used to live in Florida. She hopes a Trump win will not be a reality. In fact, she has even recorded a song denouncing the President and uploaded it to YouTube.

“I'm here in Nova Scotia, feeling really safe,” says Tremblay. “Being a Canadian-American citizen, I just felt that it was something that I could do."

"Biden's going to bring back policies,” adds Doue. “He's going to bring back civility.”

Johnson agrees a change in presidency could signal a return to normalcy for Canada-U.S. relations, and perhaps an end one of the most tumultuous times in recent American history. He notes if Trump is defeated on Tuesday, history books might show a clear reason why:

"Maybe Trump survived a bout with COVID-19 a couple of weeks ago, but COVID-19 might be the kryptonite that brings him down."