Masks to remain mandatory in Sask. hospitals after July 11

While most COVID-19 restrictions will soon be lifted be lifted in Saskatchewan, that won’t be the case in many Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) facilities.

“As of July 11, there will be no changes to the masking, screening and family presence directives in SHA facilities with the exception of Long Term Care (LTC) homes,” the SHA said in a news release.

Transmission of COVID-19 and its variants, such as the Delta variant, will continue to pose a risk throughout the province and therefore to the health and safety of staff, physicians, patients, residents, family and visitors in SHA facilities, the release said.

Visitors will be expected to:

  • Wear a medical grade face mask in all hospitals, vaccine clinics, out-patient clinics etc. Patients can remove their masks when they are in their own room. All staff in any SHA facility or performing any SHA service are still required to follow continuous masking protocols.
  • Answer the COVID-19 screening questions honestly and to the best of your ability.
  • Follow Level 1 Family Presence guidelines. Each patient can designate two essential family members/supports. These people can both visit the patient but only one person at a time. Additional family members/supports can be designated for intensive care, and palliative care. Two people can be present at one time for intensive care, palliative care, and maternal/children’s units. These will be reassessed frequently and will be adjusted as the COVID-19 risk changes.
  • Continue to be kind and respectful to everyone. Abusive language and actions will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the facility.

Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib Shahab on Wednesday continued to encourage hesitant residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19 – reminding those unvaccinated that they remain the most at risk.