Mass seizures cause concern for chock-full Calgary Humane Society

A stock photo of a dog eagerly awaiting adoption from an animal shelter. (Getty Images)

The Calgary Humane Society is reminding citizens to get their pets spayed and neutered after a couple of mass seizures in the past two weeks that resulted in the shelter being packed with pups.

Officials say one of the seizures involved a planned litter followed by an additional unexpected litter, culminating in a "waste-covered home" and the seizure of 14 dogs.

"These recent files are a combination of accidental litters and exploitative breeding, both of which have consequences," said the humane society's Brad Nichols in a news release.

"Aside from the legal outcomes of seized pets, fines and prohibitions from owning animals – which you would hope would deter such irresponsible behaviour – there are more natural consequences of ruined residences and depleted finances."

Despite the organization's large network of foster homes, officials say they are at capacity.

"Humane societies and rescues are currently seeing a trend where shelters are full of behaviorally complex dogs, and the adoption market seems to be saturating," said a Monday news release.

Calgarians who are considering adopting or fostering a pet are encouraged to visit the Calgary Humane Society's website for more information.