Rob Norris is pictured on Nov. 4, 2020 in Saskatoon. (Pat McKay/CTV Saskatoon)

Mayoral candidate Rob Norris says he’d like to make Saskatoon the most welcoming city in Canada for veterans, by making life a little easier for them.

Norris says a veterans parking permit requires a veterans licence plate and a permitting process is then undertaken.

If elected mayor, Norris is promising to remove that process, saying that “a veteran's plate is more than sufficient, and ought to be more than sufficient. That's the case in other cities.”

Norris added that “the notion that a veterans plate or permit would only recognize those veterans from approximately 30 kilometers away from Saskatoon, will also be done away with.”

“We know there are veterans that come to Saskatoon from across the province, and in fact well beyond,” he said. “Some to see family members, some for medical care, and some for any number of reasons. We want those individuals to feel welcome.”

The city of Saskatoon may lose revenue as a result of the initiative, but Norris said the “few thousand dollars”, an early estimate, is “nothing when it compares to the cost of our freedom and the thanks we owe”, and that “the city of Saskatoon can certainly find that.”