McKenzie Meadows housing development in Caledonia cancelled

Plans for the McKenzie Meadows housing development, a site otherwise known by protestors as 1492 Land Back Lane, have been cancelled.

On Friday, Losani Homes told CTV News they delivered notices earlier this week to home buyers saying the sales had been “frustrated” by the continued occupation of the lands.

Protestors have been occupying 1492 Land Back Lane since July of last year and argue it is an unceded part of the Six Nations territory.

Losani Homes says the occupation shows no signs of ending despite court orders. They also claim various levels of government have not responded to their requests for help.

Homes will no longer be built on the site, the agreements have been terminated, and buyers will get their deposits back.

The developer adds that there are still several legal proceedings ahead.

"This is an absolute win for us that our children and grandchildren are going to be able to have some space to be able to grow and thrive as a community," said Skyler Williams, a spokesperson for 1492 Land Back Lane.

"When we talk about residential schools and when we talk about missing and murdered Indigenous women and when we talk about the 60s scoop, like this is what we're talking about," Williams continued. "It all ties back to land, because for us we want to be able to invite those sisters and brothers home that have been dispossessed of these lands and that have been stolen away from our communities."

Losani Homes declined our request for an interview. Asked in an email if the recent findings of unmarked graves at residential school sites across Canada impacted the decision to cancel the project, the developer's legal representative responded "not at all."

The email continues in part: "Currently our nations are in mourning and the frustration of McKenzie sale agreements should not detract from that."

After conflict and tension at the site over the past year, it was a much calmer scene at the encampment on Friday afternoon following Losani Homes' announcement.

"Our people are going to be able to use these lands in whatever way they see fit for the foreseeable future," Williams said.