Meds in 30 minutes or less: London becomes test market for faster prescription delivery


Londoners can now get prescription refills delivered in 30 minutes or less. London has become the the test market for a pilot project between Rexall pharmacies and Uber Eats.

The four-month pilot will be operated out of London’s eight Rexall pharmacy locations and could be expanded throughout Ontario if successful.

Under the partnership, Uber Eats drivers will only deliver prescription refills and other retail items from the store. They will not be handling controllled substances such as opioids, nor will they deliver medications that require temperature controls.

“The drivers will be well trained on how to work with those packages,” said Rexall Senior VP of Pharmacy Services Mona Sabharwal. “Uber is using the same procedures as they would to deliver liquor in Ontario.”

Rexall said this is the first app-based delivery service for prescriptions in Canada.

Sabharwal said Rexall pharmacies will also maintain their own in-house delivery service for prescription deliveries, which normally take one to two days.

“This is really to provide a simpler and more convenient option for those individuals who need their prescriptions in less than 30 minutes.”

The partnership between Rexall and Uber Eats was announced at a grand re-opening of Rexall’s store at 740 Hyde Park Rd. in London.