A notable curling tournament at the KW Granite Club has been cancelled for the male participants due to COVID-19 concerns, while the women’s event has been able to be completed.

The Waterloo curling club has been hosting the Stu Sells Oakville Tankard from Friday to Sunday.

Olympian Brad Jacobs was in Waterloo Region for the event.

"It was a little bit different being on the ice, having to wear a mask all the time, one sweeper," he said. "Myself as a skipper, I don't sweep whatsoever. I barely swept before, but now zero sweeping the house just for everyone's safety."

All athletes were required to download the government of Canada COVID tracking app, in addition to other safety protocols in place.

"This app was a piece of the protocol that we added from the event perspective to try to keep any infections from getting inside the building," said Gerry Geurts, president of CurlingZone and organizer of the event.

"One of the players had the COVID alert app on their phone and it notified them Sunday morning that he had come in close contact with somebody with COVID-19," Jacobs said. "Things just snowballed from there and next thing we know our event is getting cancelled."

Matt Wilkinson, the president of the KW Granite Club, says one player received a hit on the app that he had come into contact with a confirmed case, but has no symptoms.

The men’s event has been cancelled mid-playoffs out of an abundance of caution, according to Wilkinson.

"With curling clubs and curling in general, we need to assume COVID is going to come through these buildings," Geurts said. "No what we need to do is put things in place that will minimize the spread."

The president says the women’s event has been run separately with full disinfection, and that when the women’s teams were informed about the men’s cancellation, they decided to move forward.

In a statement, CurlingZone says the player who had the alert is required to self-isolate, but that other players are not. The player who received the alert isn't showing symptoms, according to organizers.

The team of the player who received the alert will all be getting tested as well.

The KW Granite Club closed for cleaning and plans to reopen on Thursday.

There is an event planned for next weekend. The club is in discussions with those event organizers.

With reporting by CTV News Kitchener's Leighanne Evans