Métis Nation–Sask. starts prize draw for vaccinated Métis citizens – including $2M in scholarships

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) is running a prize draw as part of a COVID-19 vaccine incentive program.

“Our Métis government is offering these vaccination incentives and support to our citizens to do our part in encouraging everyone to get their vaccine,” said MN–S President Glen McCallum.

“Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is our shot at getting back to the moments that matter most, like time spent with loved ones, attending live events and holding social gatherings.”

The This is Your Shot contest is open to fully vaccinated Métis citizens in Saskatchewan and citizens with applications in process.

Fully vaccinated citizens are eligible to enter and win prizes such as a truck, pontoon boat, snowmobile, laptops, cell phones and a variety of gift cards. Participants can enter online or by phone.

Eighty educational scholarships of $25,000 are available for citizens aged 12 to 30, for a total of $2 million in bursaries.

“Vaccine hesitancy is rooted in a lack of trust, knowledge and misinformation, so we want to ensure that citizens have the correct information, they have access to being vaccinated and to reduce any barrier to being vaccinated,” said MN-S Minister of Health Marg Friesen.

Friesen said MN-S hopes their efforts help boost the provincial COVID-19 vaccine rate.

MN-S doesn’t have any data suggesting Métis citizens have a lower vaccine rate than the general population. She said MN-S is working closely with the province to provide pandemic assistance to Métis people in the province.

The funding for the campaign was provided by the federal government and includes COVID-19 relief funding, Friesen said.

MN-S estimates there are 80,000 Métis people in Saskatchewan.

There will be an early bird draw, weekly draws for educational scholarships and other prizes, along with a final grand prize draw on Nov. 26. Weekly prizes are available until Nov. 19.

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