More than 400 people gathered for a conference all about rights at the Saskatoon Inn. 

The two-day event hosted a variety of speakers on topics such as land claims, Indigenous legal traditions and citizenship.

"Were using probably three hotels in the city, and there’s about over 400 people that have come. The excitement I get is from seeing our people is the new faces." Métis Nation Saskatchewan president Glen McCallum said.

The conference wrapped up with a special announcement from McCallum that $750,000 will be put towards the mapping process and research for land claim discussions with Canada.

"This investment will kick-start the research process that will provide evidence of historic Métis land use that we need to be able to seriously negotiate a settlement with Canada." McCallum said in a release.

The release stated that the conference "provided the opportune backdrop for the dialogue that lead to today’s announcement."

The conference began on Friday morning and wrapped up Saturday evening.