Mini golf course a small tribute to Sussex and New Brunswick’s Kings County

A new miniature golf course in Kings County serves as a miniature homage to the area.

Owner Dan Mazerolle says he was tired of looking at the empty lot next to his Sussex bar and restaurant and saw an opportunity to build a new attraction. It didn’t take long for Mazerolle to settle on a local theme.

“The idea came when I realized how many very unique things there are to Sussex for such a small town of less than 4,300 people,” he says. “Every hole tells a little story about Sussex whether it be some commerce or a landmark or a claim to fame.”

Replicas of local landmarks are dotted across 18 holes, including a covered bridge, the historic downtown Sussex train station, and Poley Mountain.

The area’s many titles, including Dairy town, Gateway to the Fundy Tail, and Mural Capital of Atlantic Canada are also recognized along the turf.

“Sussex is known for its local products and local entertainment,” says Meaghan Steeves who visited on Sunday. “I think it’s going to be great and bring people up.”

Mazerolle says his timing for opening a new tourist attraction is apt.

“This is definitely COVID friendly,” he says. “All the holes are at least 30 feet apart, it’s an outdoor activity. I think it’s exactly what we needed.”