MLA removed from Sask. legislature during heated session

Nadine Wilson, the Independent MLA of Saskatchewan Rivers, was removed from the Saskatchewan legislature after refusing to apologize for comments made towards the government, following Wednesday’s fierce Question Period session.

Wilson was heard shouting over Minister of Energy and Resources Bronwyn Eyre’s ministerial statement immediately following Question Period.

The Speaker of the House requested that Wilson withdraw her statements and apologize for her “un-parliamentary language” three separate times.

Wilson refused and was escorted out of the house by the sergeant-at-arms.

“I didn’t expect today would be so volatile or that I would feel so passionate about ‘non-governance,’” Wilson told reporters after the incident. “Because I would like to see good governance.”

The incident warranted comments from other members on how decorum and civility is an issue within the house.

Premier Scott Moe criticized Wilson for the incident as well as past behavior during the session.

“This is a member that has periodically shown up in the house, and we see when she does show up she gets kicked out,” he said. “I don’t think she’s been present for one vote in the house, the most fundamental job that you do on behalf of your constituents.”

The premier admitted there has been issues with heckling in the house, but labeled it as a general, nationwide problem.

“There is heckling that happens, not only in this house but in the houses across the nation, including the federal parliament,” he said. “That being said, we do need to work, all of us, all sides, to keep that to a minimum.”

“This is a place to debate policy, not personalities, and I think it would do everyone good to just pause for a moment and remember that.”

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili suggested there is a double standard in the legislature surrounding which parliamentary rules apply to the government and which ones apply to the opposition and independent members.

“It is 100 per cent the rules apply to everyone but this government,” Meili said.

“I have many disagreements with Ms. Wilson but she is an elected member of this house, she is an independent member. She has the right to be there and to be treated the same way that every other member is treated.”

Passions flared multiple times within the house before Wilson was removed, with the speaker of the house forced to introduce several points of order over members making personal statements against other members and for using un-parliamentary language.

Wilson's expulsion from the house is in effect for one day only. She will be present for the last day of the spring session on Thursday.