Premier Scott Moe says he won't meet with PM Justin Trudeau when he visits Regina this week (Wayne Mantyka / CTV Regina)

Travel expenses released by the Government of Saskatchewan show nearly $8,000 spent on three in-province chartered flights for Premier Scott Moe since April 2019.

Earlier this month the opposition questioned spending of Moe’s and his cabinet, saying the premier’s travel bill for 2019 came to nearly double what former Premier Brad Wall spent on travel during his last year in office.

The NDP initially zeroed in on chartered flights the premier was taking within the province.

In an effort to increase transparency in government spending, the province released Moe’s expenses dating back to April of last year.

Since April 2019, Moe took three chartered flights with a bill totaling $7,970.20. These include a $3,987 flight from Prince Albert to Regina, a $3,427 flight from Saskatoon to Regina, and a $554 from Regina to Saskatoon.

The travel and expense reports also include a list of commercial flights, any meals expensed by a minister, accommodation expenses, total ground expenses and meal per diems.

Following the recent scrutiny from the opposition, the Government of Saskatchewan announced that in-province travel and expense reports will be publicly released quarterly beginning in the 2020 to 2021 fiscal year.

“Our government values the hard earned tax dollars of Saskatchewan people,” Premier Scott Moe said. “While we have previously taken steps to decrease travel costs and increase transparency, we feel it is necessary to continue these efforts to ensure the public knows how tax dollars are being spent by government ministers as they travel across the province.”

Out-of-province ministerial travel and expenses, previously released bi-annually, will also now be posted quarterly.

The government said travel expenses are down 53 per cent compared to the last year of the former government in 2006-2007.

These expense reports will be posted on the Government of Saskatchewan website.